Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.54.35 AMNIOXIN Helps to Enhance the Appearance of Thin-looking Hair While Minimizing Excessive Daily Hair Loss for Both Women & Men.

For more than twenty two years,  NIOXIN have worked at unravelling the complex problem of how best to address,  and most importantly how to provide a solution for thin-looking hair for the millions who battle this discouraging problem.

A world-renowned team of NIOXIN researchers have developed the most advanced, non-drug based system to address the appearance of fine or thin-looking hair – NIOXIN Systems 1 to 8.   Each system is designed to create and maintain an optimum scalp environment in order to address the problems associated with thin-looking hair,  including hair loss through mechanical breakage,  which leads to fine,  fragile,  thin-looking hair.

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